Question 53

Each packet of SOAP costs Rs. 10. Inside each packet is a gift coupon labelled with one of the letters S, O, A and P. If a customer submits four such coupons that make up the word SOAP, the customer gets a free SOAP packets. Ms. X kept buying packet after packet of SOAP till she could get one set of coupons that formed the word SOAP. How many coupons with label P did she get in the above process?

A. The last label obtained by her was S and the total amount spent was Rs. 210.

B. The total number of vowels obtained was 18.


Considering statements a we can deduce that she got letter S in her 21st purchase in previous 20 puchase she had either A, O or P . Hence statement a is not enough to answer. If we consider statement b we will know that out of 20 purchases 18 are vowel so 2 purchases contained letter P . So both statements are necessary to answer the question.

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