CAT 2000 Question Paper Question 52

Question 52

Eighty kilograms (kg) of store material is to be transported to a location 10 km away. Any number of couriers can be used to transport the material. The material can be packed in any number of units of 10,20 or 40kg. Couriers charges are Rs. 10 per hour. Couriers travel at the speed of 5 km/hr if carrying 10kg, at 2 km/hr if carrying 20kg and at 1 km/hr if carrying 40 kg. A courier cannot carry more than 40 kg of load. The minimum cost at which 80kg of store material can be transported to its distinction will be:


According to given conditions , for 10 kg it will take 2 hrs/10kg and total cost for 80 kg to be 160rs . for 20 kg it will take 5 hrs/20kg and total cost for 80 kg to be 200rs , for 40 kg it will take 10 hrs/40kg and total cost for 80 kg to be 200rs. So the cheapest is 160 rs.

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Sairaj Phadte

2 years, 4 months ago

best possible combination for this is sending 8 couriers of 10kg.

=8*(cost of sending one 10kg courier)
=8*(20 rupees)=160/-

Amitesh Singh

3 years, 6 months ago

can we not send the couriers in a combination of weights? if that could also possibly minimize the total.


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