Question 47

The number of integer solutions of the equation $$\left(x^{2} - 10\right)^{\left(x^{2}- 3x- 10\right)} = 1$$ is

Correct Answer: 4


Case 1: When $$x^2-3x-10=0$$ and $$x^2-10\ne\ 0$$

$$x^2-3x-10=0\ $$or, $$(x-5)(x+2) = 0$$

or, x= 5 or -2

Case 2: $$x^2-10=1$$


No integer solutions

Case 3: $$x^2-10=-1\ and\ x^2-3x-10\ is\ even$$


or, (x+3)(x-3)=0

or, x= -3 and 3

for x= -3 and +3 $$x^2-3x-10$$ is even

In total 4 values of x satisfy the equations

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