DIRECTIONS for the following two questions: Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.

A certain perfume is available at a duty-free shop at the Bangkok international airport. It is priced in the Thai currency Baht but other currencies are also acceptable. In particular, the shop accepts Euro and US Dollar at the following rates of exchange:

US Dollar 1 = 41 Bahts

Euro 1= 46 Bahts

The perfume is priced at 520 Bahts per bottle. After one bottle is purchased, subsequent bottles are available at a discount of 30%. Three friends S, R and M together purchase three bottles of the perfume, agreeing to share the cost equally. R pays 2 Euros. M pays 4 Euros and 27 Thai Bahts and S pays the remaining amount in US Dollars.

Question 46

How much does R owe to S in Thai Baht?


Total to be paid = 1248 Baht

Each has to pay 1248/3 = 416 Baht

R paid 92 Baht

M paid 184+27 = 211 Baht

So, R owes S 416 - 92 = 324 Baht


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