A courier service has offices at three locations: Jamshedpur, Kharagpur and Howrah. Its employees travel by trains from one location to another for pick-up and delivery. It takes 40 minutes for an employee to travel from any railway station to the nearest office (and another 40 minutes for coming back); the paperwork to deliver the parcel at the respective office takes an additional 10 minutes. Assume employees do not waste any time.

Employees have the option to choose front any of the trains, whose timetable is given in the table below. Assume all trains travel on time and there is no time gap between arrival and departure of a train. Further, assume that the employee boards the train as soon as it arrives at the station

Question 39

What will be the minimum time required to deliver a parcel at Kharagpur office from Jamshedpur station and come back to Jamshedpur station?


Let’s consider the case where the employee takes the T102 train.

(S)He leaves the Jamshedpur station at 7:30 and arrives at Kharagpur station at 9:05. It takes them 40+10+40 = 90mins to deliver the package and returns to the station at 10:35.

(S)He then takes the T202 train from the Kharagpur station and arrives at the Jamshedpur station at 12:35.

Thus, the total journey takes place between 7:30 and 12:35, i.e., 5 hours and 5 minutes.

Hence, option B is the answer.

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