A dealer deals only in colour TVs and VCRs. He wants to spend up to Rs.12 lakhs to buy 100 pieces. He can purchase a colour TV at Rs.10,000 and a VCR at Rs.15,000. He can sell a colour TV at Rs.12,000 and a VCR at Rs.17,500. His objective is to maximize profits. Assume that he can sell all the items that he stocks.

Question 28

The maximum profit, in rupees lakh, the dealer can earn from his original stock if he can sell a colour TV at Rs. 12200 and VCR at Rs.18300 is

As from his original costvalues, number of TV's were 60 and VCR's were 40
And  now total selling price will be = $$12200 \times 60 + 18300 \times 40$$ = 1464000
Hence ​profit = selling price - cost price
                    = 1464000 - 1200000
                    = 264000 rs.​​

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