Question 25

Gopal went to a fruit market with certain amount of money. With this money he can buy either 50 oranges or 40 mangoes. He retains 10% of the money for taxi fare. If he buys 20 mangoes, then the number of oranges he can buy is


Let's say total money was $$x$$ rs.
So cost price of 40 mango will be = $$x$$ ;
Hence cost price of 20 mangoes will be = $$\frac{x}{2}$$
Taxi fare = $$\frac{10x}{100}$$
Total expense = $$\frac{x}{2}$$ +  $$\frac{10x}{100}$$ = $$\frac{6x}{10}$$
Remaining money =$$ \frac{4x}{10}$$
Cost price of 1 orange will be = $$\frac{x}{50}$$
Hence in $$\frac{4x}{10}$$ rs. 20 oranges can be purchased.

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