Question 23

The price of Darjeeling tea (in rupees per kilogram) is 100 + 0.10n, on the nth day of 2007 (n=1, 2, ..., 100), and then remains constant. On the other hand, the price of Ooty tea (in rupees per kilogram) is 89 + 0.15n, on the nth day of 2007 (n = 1, 2, ..., 365). On which date in 2007 will the prices of these two varieties of tea be equal?


Price of Darjeeling tea on 100th day= 100+(0.1*100)=110
Price of Ooty tea on nth day= 89+0.15n
Let us assume that the price of both varieties of tea would become equal on nth day where n<=100
n=220 which does not satisfy the condition of n<=100
So the price of two varieties would become equal after 100th day.
140th day of 2007 is May 20 (Jan=31,Feb=28,March=31,April=30,May=20)

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