Question 21

In a tournament, there are n teams $$T_1 , T_2 ....., T_n$$ with $$n > 5$$. Each team consists of k players, $$k > 3$$. The following pairs of teams have one player in common: $$T_1$$ & $$T_2$$ , $$T_2$$ & $$T_3$$ ,......, $$T_{n-1}$$ & $$T_n$$ , and $$T_n$$ & $$T_1$$ . No other pair of teams has any player in common. How many players are participating in the tournament, considering all the n teams together?


The number of players in all the teams put together = k * n

The number of players that are common is 1*n = n

So, the number of players in the tournament = kn - n = n(k-1)

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