CAT 2022 Slot 1 Question Paper - QA Question 15

Question 15

A mixture contains lemon juice and sugar syrup in equal proportion. If a new mixture is created by adding this mixture and sugar syrup in the ratio 1 : 3, then the ratio of lemon juice and sugar syrup in the new mixture is


Lemon juice : sugar syrup in the mixture is 1:1, i.e. 50% Lemon juice and 50% sugar syrup.

In sugar syrup, 100% is sugar syrup.

These two are mixed in the ratio 1:3.

Lemon juice = $$\ \frac{\ 1\left(50\%\right)}{1+3}$$

Sugar syrup = $$\ \frac{\ 1\left(50\%\right)+3\left(100\%\right)}{1+3}=\frac{350}{4}$$

Required ratio = 50:350 = 1:7

The answer is option D.

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