Question 140

Choose the most logical order of sentences among the given choices to construct a coherent paragraph.

A.To avoid this, the QWERTY layout put the keys most likely to be hit in rapid succession on opposite sides. This made the keyboard slow, the story goes, but that was the idea.

B. A different layout, which had been patented by August Dvorak in 1936, was shown to be much faster.

C. The QWERTY design (patented by Christopher Sholes in 1868 and sold to Remington in 1873) aimed to solve a mechanical problem of early typewriters.

D.Yet the Dvorak layout has never been widely adopted, even though (with electric typewriters and then PCs) the anti-jamming rational for QWERTY has been defunct for years.

E. When certain combinations of keys were struck quickly, the type bars often jammed.


C is the best opening sentence. It says that the Qwerty keyboard was designed for solving a specific problem. E follows and talks about what that problem is. This is followed by A which talks about how the Qwerty design solved this problem. It also talks about the shortcoming of the Qwerty design. This is followed by B which talks about a different design which tried to solve the same problem.
The last sentence is D, which says the second design was never widely adopted even though, with the advent of electrical typewriters and PCs, the original problem of the typrewriters ceased to be a problem anymore.

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