Question 14

In a four-digit number, the sum of the first 2 digits is equal to that of the last 2 digits. The sum of the first and last digits is equal to the third digit. Finally, the sum of the second and fourth digits is twice the sum of the other 2 digits. What is the third digit of the number?


Let the 4 digit no. be xyzw.
 According to given conditions we have x+y=z+w --- Eq 1 , x+w=z --- Eq 2,y+w=2x+2z --- Eq 3
Eq 2 - Eq 3 : x-y = -2x-z --- Eq 4
Eq 1+ Eq 4 :2x = -2x+w
4x=w  --- Eq 5
Substitute w = 4x inEq2
5x = z
Substitute w = 4x inEq3
y = 8x
Now the minimum value x can take is 1 so z =5 and the no. is 1854, which satisfies all the conditions.
 Hence option A .

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