Question 118

Arrange sentences A, B, C and D between sentences 1 and 6, so as to form a logical sequence of six sentences.

1. There, in Europe, his true gifts unveiled.

A. Playing with Don Cherie, blending Indian music and jazz for the first time, he began setting the pace in the late 70s for much of what present — day fusion is.

B. John McLaughlin, the legendary guitarist whose soul has always had an Indian stamp on it, was seduced immediately.

C. Fusion by Gurtu had begun.

D. He partnered Gurtu for four years, and 'natured' him as a composer.

6. But for every experimental musician there's a critic nestling nearby.


Sentence A is the first sentence as it highlights he true gifts mentioned in the starting. Option B follows A which describes its impact on Laughlin. Option D follows B which mentions that he natured him as composer. Option C desribes the result and sentence 6 concludes it properly.

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