Question 108

Arrange the following sentences to form a coherent paragraph

A. Alex had never been happy with his Indian origins.

B. He set about rectifying this grave injustice by making his house in his own image of a country manor.

C. Fate had been unfair to him; if he had had his wish, he would have been a count or an Earl on some English estate, or a medieval monarch in a chateau in France.

D. This illusion of misplaced grandeur, his wife felt, would be Alex's undoing.


The first sentence is A - it introduces the main character in the paragraph. This is followed by C, which gives a background about that person. B and D is a pair. 'This illusion' in D refers to Alex not being happy about his Indian origins - sentence B. So, the correct order of sentences is ACBD. Option c) is the correct answer.

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