TS Police SI Mains 2018 Arithmetic and Reasoning


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 71

A person P can complete a work in 40 days . A second person Q can complete the same work in 35 days. Both P and Q work together for 14 days and then P goes away. The number of days that Q takes to complete the remaining work is

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Question 72

Twenty men complete a work in 16 days. Twenty women complete the same work in18 days. If all these men and women worktogether, then the numberof days required to complete that work

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Question 73

A person A can complete a work in 15 days working 8 hours daily. A second person B can complete the same workin 20 days working 7 hours a day. If both A and B work together, working 7 hours a day, then the number of days required to complete that workis

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Question 74

Twopersons A and B can do a workin 24 and 30 daysrespectively. After working together for some days, left. B finished the remaining workin 12 days. Then, the number of days that A workedis

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Question 75

A merchant marked his goods 25% above the cost price and then allows a discount of 5%. Then the profit percent in this transaction is

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Question 76

The Profit Earned by selling an article for Rs.2500 is equal to 7 times the loss if the same is sold for 2100.Then the selling price of an article in (Rs) to make a profit of 20 percent is

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Question 77

A shopkeeper sold anarticle at a certain price. If it ts sold at 80%of that price, then his loss would be 8%. Then, the profit percent at the original selling price is

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Question 78

A person A purchased some pens for Rs. 350 and sold them for Rs. 450. Another person B purchases some pens for Rs. 540 and sold them for Rs. 660. Then the difference between their profit percents is

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Question 79

A person travels $$\frac{2}{3}$$ of distance x km with a speed of 4 kmph and the remaining distance with a speed of 5 kmph.If the total time taken for the journey is 56 minutes, then x =

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Question 80

The nearest year after 2000 having same calendar as that of 2000 is

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