Top CAT Quant Time, Speed and Distance Questions PDF

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Master time, speed, and distance concepts is crucial for success in the Quant section of the CAT exam. Questions related to these topics are known for their complexity and frequent appearance in CAT previous year papers. Practicing a variety of time, speed, and distance questions is key to building proficiency and confidence in this area. Also, take free CAT mocks to get familarize with the exam pattern and boost your confidence. Download the CAT Quant questions on Time speed and distance from the below link.

Question 1

In a race of three horses, the first beat the second by 11 metres and the third by 90 metres. If the second beat the third by 80 metres, what was the length, in metres, of the racecourse?

Question 2

A flight, traveling to a destination 11,200 kms away, was supposed to take off at 6:30 AM. Due to bad weather, the departure of the flight got delayed by three hours. The pilot increased the average speed of the airplane by 100 km/hr from the initially planned average speed, to reduce the overall delay to one hour.

Had the pilot increased the average speed by 350 km/hr from the initially planned average speed, when would have the flight reached its destination?

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Question 3

Two trains A and B were moving in opposite directions, their speeds being in the ratio 5 : 3. The front end of A crossed the rear end of B 46 seconds after the front ends of the trains had crossed each other. It took another 69 seconds for the rear ends of the trains to cross each other. The ratio of length of train A to that of train B is

Question 4

In a car race, car A beats car B by 45 km. car B beats car C by 50 km. and car A beats car C by 90 km. The distance (in km) over which the race has been conducted is

Question 5

Kim’s wristwatch always shows the correct time, including ‘am’ and ‘pm’. Jim’s watch is identical to Kim’s watch in all aspects except its pace, which is slower than the pace of Kim’s watch. At 12 noon on January 1st, Jim sets his watch to the correct time, but an hour later, it shows 12:57 pm. At 12 noon on the next June 1st, Jim resets his watch to the correct time.

On how many instances between, and including 12 noon on the two dates mentioned, do Jim’s and Kim’s watches show the exact same time, including the ‘am’ and the ‘pm’?

Question 6

A and B are two points on a straight line. Ram runs from A to B while Rahim runs from B to A. After crossing each other. Ram and Rahim reach their destination in one minute and four minutes, respectively. if they start at the same time, then the ratio of Ram's speed to Rahim's speed is

Question 7

Two cars travel from different locations at constant speeds. To meet each other after starting at the same time, they take 1.5 hours if they travel towards each other, but 10.5 hours if they travel in the same direction. If the speed of the slower car is 60 km/hr, then the distance traveled, in km, by the slower car when it meets the other car while traveling towards each other, is

Question 8

Moody takes 30 seconds to finish riding an escalator if he walks on it at his normal speed in the same direction. He takes 20 seconds to finish riding the escalator if he walks at twice his normal speed in the same direction. If Moody decides to stand still on the escalator, then the time, in seconds, needed to finish riding the escalator is

Question 9

Brishti went on an 8-hour trip in a car. Before the trip, the car had travelled a total of $$x$$ km till then, where $$x$$ is a whole number and is palindromic, i.e., $$x$$ remains unchanged when its digits are reversed. At the end of the trip, the car had travelled a total of 26862 km till then, this number again being palindromic. If Brishti never drove at more than 110 km/h, then the greatest possible average speed at which she drove during the trip, in km/h, was

Question 10

A boat takes 2 hours to travel downstream a river from port A to port B, and 3 hours to return to port A. Another boat takes a total of 6 hours to travel from port B to port A and return to port B. If the speeds of the boats and the river are constant, then the time, in hours, taken by the slower boat to travel from port A to port B is

Question 11

The minor angle between the hours hand and minutes hand of a clock was observed at 8:48 am. The minimum duration, in minutes, after 8.48 am when this angle increases by 50% is

Question 12

One can use three different transports which move at 10, 20, and 30 kmph, respectively to reach from A to B. Amal took each mode of transport for $$\frac{1}{3}^{rd}$$ of his total journey time, while Bimal took each mode of transport for $$\frac{1}{3}^{rd}$$ of the total distance. The percentage by which Bimal’s travel time exceeds Amal’s travel time is nearest to

Question 13

Two trains cross each other in 14 seconds when running in opposite directions along parallel tracks. The faster train is 160 m long and crosses a lamp post in 12 seconds. If the speed of the other train is 6 km/hr less than the faster one, its length, in m, is

Question 14

At any point of time, let x be the smaller of the two angles made by the hour hand with the minute hand on an analogue clock (in degrees). During the time interval from 2:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., what is the minimum possible value of x?

Question 15

The distance from B to C is thrice that from A to B. Two trains travel from A to C via B. The speed of train 2 is double that of train 1 while traveling from A to B and their speeds are interchanged while traveling from B to C. The ratio of the time taken by train 1 to that taken by train 2 in travelling from A to C is

Question 16

Two circular tracks T1 and T2 of radii 100 m and 20 m, respectively touch at a point A. Starting from A at the same time, Ram and Rahim are walking on track T1 and track T2 at speeds 15 km/hr and 5 km/hr respectively. The number of full rounds that Ram will make before he meets Rahim again for the first time is

Question 17

Two ships meet mid-ocean, and then, one ship goes south and the other ship goes west, both travelling at constant speeds. Two hours later, they are 60 km apart. If the speed of one of the ships is 6 km per hour more than the other one, then the speed, in km per hour, of the slower ship is

Question 18

Two ships are approaching a port along straight routes at constant speeds. Initially, the two ships and the port formed an equilateral triangle with sides of length 24 km. When the slower ship travelled 8 km, the triangle formed by the new positions of the two ships and the port became right-angled. When the faster ship reaches the port, the distance, in km, between the other ship and the port will be

Question 19

Trains A and B start traveling at the same time towards each other with constant speeds from stations X and Y, respectively. Train A reaches station Y in 10 minutes while train B takes 9 minutes to reach station X after meeting train A. Then the total time taken, in minutes, by train B to travel from station Y to station X is

Question 20

Mira and Amal walk along a circular track, starting from the same point at the same time. If they walk in the same direction, then in 45 minutes, Amal completes exactly 3 more rounds than Mira. If they walk in opposite directions, then they meet for the first time exactly after 3 minutes. The number of rounds Mira walks in one hour is

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