Top CAT Probability and Permutations & Combinations Questions PDF

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Check out the important questions on CAT probability and permutations & combinations topic! This curated PDF is designed to help you master these important topics for the CAT exam, a highly competitive exam for admission to prestigious management programs. Sharpen your problem-solving skills and boost your CAT preparation with these challenging and insightful questions. Here we are giving some very important probability questions, which also include questions from the CAT previous papers. Practising free CAT mocks where you'll get a fair idea of how questions are asked, and type of questions asked in CAT Exam.

Question 1

How many four digit numbers, which are divisible by 6, can be formed using the digits 0, 2, 3, 4, 6, such that no digit is used more than once and 0 does not occur in the left-most position?

Question 2

Sara has just joined Facebook. She has 5 friends. Each of her five friends has twenty five friends. It is found that at least two of Sara's friends are connected with each other. On her birthday, Sara decides to invite her friends and the friends of her friends. How many people did she invite for her birthday party?

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Question 3

Six playing cards are lying face down on a table, two of them are kings. Two cards are drawn at random. Let a denote the probability that at least one of the cards drawn is a king, and b denote the probability of not drawing a king. The ratio a/b is

Question 4

A coin of radius 3 cm is randomly dropped on a square floor full of square shaped tiles of side 10 cm each. What is the probability that the coin will land completely within a tile? In other words, the coin should not cross the edge of any tile.

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Question 5

How many numbers with two or more digits can be formed with the digits 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, so that in every such number, each digit is used at most once and the digits appear in the ascending order?

Question 6

How many two-digit numbers, with a non-zero digit in the units place, are there which are more than thrice the number formed by interchanging the positions of its digits?

Question 7

In a tournament, there are 43 junior level and 51 senior level participants. Each pair of juniors play one match. Each pair of seniors play one match. There is no junior versus senior match. The number of girl versus girl matches in junior level is 153, while the number of boy versus boy matches in senior level is 276. The number of matches a boy plays against a girl is

Question 8

With rectangular axes of coordinates, the number of paths from (1, 1) to (8, 10) via (4, 6), where each step from any point (x, y) is either to (x, y+1) or to (x+1, y), is

Question 9

Ashok has a bag containing 40 cards, numbered with the integers from 1 to 40. No two cards are numbered with the same integer. Likewise, his sister Shilpa has another bag containing only five cards that are numbered with the integers from 1 to 5, with no integer repeating. Their mother, Latha, randomly draws one card each from Ashok’s and Shilpa’s bags and notes down their respective numbers. If Latha divides the number obtained from Ashok’s bag by the number obtained from Shilpa’s, what is the probability that the remainder will not be greater than 2?

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Question 10

A small store has five units of a new phone model in stock: two white, two black, and one red. Three customers arrive at the shop to buy a unit each. Each one has a pre- determined choice of the colour and will not buy a unit of any other colour. All the three customers are equally likely to have chosen any of the three colours. What is the probability that the store will be able to satisfy all the three customers?

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Question 11

The number of groups of three or more distinct numbers that can be chosen from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 so that the groups always include 3 and 5, while 7 and 8 are never included together is

Question 12

How many three-digit numbers are greater than 100 and increase by 198 when the three digits are arranged in the reverse order?

Question 13

The number of ways of distributing 15 identical balloons, 6 identical pencils and 3 identical erasers among 3 children, such that each child gets at least four balloons and one pencil, is

Question 14

A four-digit number is formed by using only the digits 1, 2 and 3 such that both 2 and 3 appear at least once. The number of all such four-digit numbers is

Question 15

I have five 10-rupee notes, three 20-rupee notes, and two 50-rupee notes in my wallet.

If three notes were taken out randomly and simultaneously, what is the probability that at least 90 rupees were taken out?

Question 16

The number of ways of distributing 20 identical balloons among 4 children such that each child gets some balloons but no child gets an odd number of balloons, is

Question 17

The number of integers greater than 2000 that can be formed with the digits 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, using each digit at most once, is

Question 18

The arithmetic mean of all the distinct numbers that can be obtained by rearranging the digits in 1421, including itself, is

Question 19

A painter draws 64 equal squares of 1 square inch on a square canvas measuring 64 square inches. She chooses two squares (1 square inch each) randomly and then paints them. What is the probability that two painted squares have a common side?

Question 20

A local restaurant has 16 vegetarian items and 9 non-vegetarian items in their menu. Some items contain gluten, while the rest are gluten-free.
One evening, Rohit and his friends went to the restaurant. They planned to choose two different vegetarian items and three different non-vegetarian items from the entire menu. Later, Bela and her friends also went to the same restaurant: they planned to choose two different vegetarian items and one non-vegetarian item only from the gluten-free options. The number of item combinations that Rohit and his friends could choose from, given their plan, was 12 times the number of item combinations that Bela and her friends could choose from, given their plan.
How many menu items contain gluten?

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