Top CAT Geometry Triangles Questions [PDF]

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Geometry Triangles questions are important concepts in the Geometry CAT Quant section. These questions are not very tough; make sure you are aware of all the Important Formulas in CAT Geometry. Solve more questions from CAT Geometry Triangles. You can check out these CAT Geometry questions from the CAT Previous year papers. Practice a good number of questions in CAT Geometry Triangles so that you can answer these questions with ease in the exam. In this post, we will look into some important CAT Geometry Questions. Keep practising free CAT mocks where you'll get a fair idea of how questions are asked, and type of questions asked of CAT Geometry Questions. These are a good source of practice for CAT 2022 preparation; If you want to practice these questions, you can download these Important Triangles (Geometry) Questions for CAT (with detailed answers) PDF along with the video solutions below, which is completely Free.

Question 1

Let ABC be an isosceles triangle. Suppose that the sides AB and AC are equal and let the length of AB be x cm. Let b denote the angle ∠ABC and sin b = 3/5. If the area of the triangle ABC is M square cm, then which of the following is true about M?

Question 2

Let ABC be a right-angled triangle with hypotenuse BC of length 20 cm. If AP is perpendicular on BC, then the maximum possible length of AP, in cm, is

Question 3

In a triangle ABC, medians AD and BE are perpendicular to each other, and have lengths 12 cm and 9 cm, respectively. Then, the area of triangle ABC, in sq cm, is

Question 4

Let T be the triangle formed by the straight line 3x + 5y - 45 = 0 and the coordinate axes. Let the circumcircle of T have radius of length L, measured in the same unit as the coordinate axes. Then, the integer closest to L is

Question 5

XYZ is an equilateral triangle, inscribed in a circle. P is a point on the arc YZ such that X and P are on opposite sides of the chord YZ. Which of the following MUST always be true?

Question 6

From an interior point of an equilateral triangle, perpendiculars are drawn on all three sides. The sum of the lengths of the three perpendiculars is s. Then the area of the triangle is

Question 7

ABC is a triangle with integer-valued sides AB = 1, BC >1, and CA >1. If D is the mid-point of AB, then, which of the following options is the closest to the maximum possible value of the angle ACD (in degrees)?

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Question 8

Let D and E be points on sides AB and AC, respectively, of a triangle ABC, such that AD : BD = 2 : 1 and AE : CE = 2 : 3. If the area of the triangle ADE is 8 sq cm, then the area of the triangle ABC, in sq cm, is

Question 9

If a triangle ABC, $$\angle BCA=50^{0}$$. D and E are points on $$AB$$ and $$AC$$, respectively, such that $$AD=DE$$. If F is a point on $$BC$$ such that $$BD=DF$$, then $$\angle FDE$$, in degrees, is equal to

Question 10

Ramesh and Reena are playing with triangle ABC. Ramesh draws a line that bisects $$\angle BAC$$; this line cuts BC at D. Reena then extends AD to a point P. In response, Ramesh joins B and P. Reena then announces that BD bisects $$\angle PBA$$, hat a surprise! Together, Ramesh and Reena find that BD= 6 cm, AC= 9 cm, DC= 5 cm, BP=8 cm, and DP = 5 cm.

How long is AP?

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