MAT 2013


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 191

Who has won the 100th edition of the Tour de France Cycling Championships?

Question 192

"International Literacy Day" is annually celebrated by UNESCO on

Question 193

Who among the following former Indian cricketers has become the brand ambassador for the National Tobacco Control Campaign of the Government of India?

Question 194

Recently, the Department of Post, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology has allotted a Customized Pin Code ............ to the Supreme Court of India.

Question 195

In September 2013, where did the meeting between Indian and Pakistan Prime Ministers take place?

Question 196

The President of India launched the September 2013 which is expected to provide an identity to Khadi.

Question 197

Who is the author/writer of the ...... recently released book 'Gandhi Before India'?

Question 198

Which one of the following countries has Wont} Asia Cup hockey tournament held in 2013?

Question 199

Mayaram Committee was formed by the Government of India to examine the

Question 200

The 9 edition of `Naseern Al Bahr , ' the biennial naval exercise, took place between the India, Navy and

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