MAT 2013 Question Paper


Each question has a group of sentences marked A, B, C, D and E. Arrange these to form a logical sentences.

Question 1

A. Environment Education Unit of center for Science.
B. Environment has always been working towards provoiding easy to understand reading material.
C. Their new publication on this subject is an attempt to lend teachers a helping hand.
D. It unfolds in two sections first, Climate Change, how to make sense of it all and second, Natural Resources, how to share and care.
E. However, they are introduced to students not as a paragraph to memorise but as an activity to do.

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Question 2

A. A famous Japanese rock garden at Ryoan ji in North-West Kyoto, Japan.
B. The rocks of various sizes are arranged on small white pebbles in five groups, each comprising, five, two, three, two and three rocks.
C. The garden is 30m long from East to West and 10m from North to South.
D. The garden contains 15 rocks arranged on the surface of white pebbles in such a manner that visitors can see only 14 of them at once from whichever angle the garden is viewed.
E. There are no trees, just around 15 irregularly shaped rocks of varying sizes, some around by rocks, arranged in a bad of white grancelsard that is ranked everyday.

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Question 3

A. When they gathered together, the Buddha was completely silent and some speculated that perhaps the Buddha was tired or ill.
B. It is said that Gautam Buddha gathered his disciples one day for a Dharma talk.
C. One of Buddha's disciples, Mahakasyapa, silently gazed at the flower and broke into a broad smile.
D. The orgins of Zen Buddhism are ascribed to the flower Sermon, the earliest source for which comes from the 14th century.
E. The Buddha silently held up and twirled a flower and twinkled his eyes, several of his disciples tried to interpret what this meant though none of them were correct.

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Choose the best option for the blank.

Question 4

Ironcally of the normally ......... speaker bacame very shy and ..... when confronted with the ........ afraid stairs of her eager audience.

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Question 5

Although the whole team acted in unison, each number .......... for a/an the ......... of the production process.

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Question 6

The studies of the children were ...... and ...... was the result of it

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Question 7

The ........ correction is a good ....... to add the blenechip sum phasma certificates stock to your porlfolio

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Rearrange the jumbled alphabets in the following four options and find odd word among them.

Question 8
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Question 9
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Question 10
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