MAT 2009


Each question has a group of sentences marked A, B, C and D. Arrange these to form a logical sequence.

Question 11

A. In the past, the customized tailoring units were localized to the township or city and catered exclusively to domestic demand
B. Traditionally, Indian preferred custom made clothing and the concept of ready to wear is a relatively recent one.
C. Consumer awareness of styling issues and the convenience afforded by ready to wear helped the RMG industry make small in roads into the domestic market in the 1980s.
D. The customized tailoring outfits have always been a major source of clothing for domestic market.

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Question 12

A. Participation involves more than the formal sharing of decisions.
B. Through anticipation, individuals or organizations consider trends and make plans, shielding institutions from trauma of learning by shock.
C. Innovative learning involves both anticipation and participation.
D. It is an attitude characterized by the cooperation, dialogue and empathy.

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Each of these questions has a Sentence with four alternatives. Choose the alternative which best conveys the content of the given sentence correctly.

Question 13

No officer had ought to be put into a situation where he has to choose between his love for his family and the responsibilities accompanying his duty.

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Question 14

Being a realist, the detective could not accept the statement of the accused that UFOs has caused the disturbance.

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Question 15

Ever since the sting operation, there has been much Opposition from they who maintain that it was an unauthorised act.

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Question 16

The trend toward a decrease in the working hours is already evident in the longer weekend given to employees in many multinational organisations

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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 17

Many of the junk foods on the market today, doughnuts, burgers and pizza, have less nutrients than natural foods, which were dominant a decade or two ago. Many nutritionists claim that pizza and doughnuts give less nourishment than natural foods. A spokesman of a leading junk food company - pizza House - stated recently that an examination of grade school students shows less nutritional deficiency than in their parents’ time. Hence, foods are not as bad as made outto be. Which of the following, if true, would tend to strengthen the view of the spokesman ?

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Question 18

Throughout the first decade of the $$21^{st}$$ century, net increase in Indian direct investments in the Far East (funds outflows) exceeded net new Far East direct investment in India. Each of the following if true, could help to account for this trend except

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Question 19

Of the world’s largest AIDS cases countries in 2010, three had the same share of world AIDS patients as they had in 2000. These three countries may serve as examples of countries that succeeded in holding steady their share of the AIDS disease. Which of the following, if true, would most seriously undermine the idea that these countries serve as examples as described above?

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Question 20

The cost of housing in many urban parts of India has become so excessive that many young couples, with above-average salaries, can only afford small apartments. EMI and rent commitments are so huge that they can not consider the possibility of starting a family since a new baby would probably mean either the mother or father giving up a well paid position-something theycan ill afford. The lack of or great cost of child-care facilities further precludesthe return of both parents to work.
Which of the following adjustments could practically be made to the situation described above which would allow young couples to improve their housing prospects?

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