MAT 2009


Read the following information to mean these answers.

Six books are kept one on top of the other. The History book is Just above Accountancy. The Maths books is between Punjabi and Urdu. English is between History and Punjabi.

Question 131

Which book is at the top?

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Read thefollowing information to mean these answers?

Fourfriends A, B, C, and D are studying togetherin Class 10 + 2. A and B are good in Hindi but poor in English. A and C are good in Sanskrit but poor in Geography. D and B are good in Maths as well as Sanskrit.

Question 132

Which of the following pairs of friends is good both in Sanskrit and Hindi?

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Question 133

Which of the following pairs of friends is good both in Mathsand Sanskrit?

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Question 134

Which of the following friend is good in Sanskrit only but poor in Geography?

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Read the given information to answer these questions.

Mohan Dey ts undecided which four movies to see this week. He ts considering a spy thriller, a murder mystery, a comedy and a science fiction. The movies will be shown by TV channels STAR, SONY, B4U and HBO, notnecessarily in that order, and telecast on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, not necessarily in that order. The movies by STAR will be shown on Sunday.Thespy thriller will be shown on Tuesday. The science fiction movies are shown by B4U and not telecast on Saturday. The comedy is shown by HBO channel.

Question 135

On Wednesday Mohan Deycan watch

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Question 136

The TV channel SONY will telecast

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Question 137

MohanDey watched movies on two channels whose names comefirst and third in the alphabetical order. He did not watch

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These Questions are based on the statements given below :

Madhuand Shivani are good in Dramatics and Computer Science.
Asha and Madhu are good in ComputerScience and Physics.
Asha, Pratibha and Namita are goodin, Physics and History.
Namita and Asha are good in Physics and Mathematics.
Pratibha and Shivani are good in History and Dramatics.

Question 138

Who is good in Physics, History and Mathematics, but not in Computer Science?

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Question 139

Who is good in History, Physics, Computer Science and Mathematics?

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Question 140

Who is good in Physics, History and Dramatics?

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