MAT 2006


In each of these questions, you are given a sentence a part of which is underlined. This is followed by four ways of phrasing the underlined part. Select the version that best rephrases the underlined part.

Question 31

After trying to convince him for a long time. I realised that he was one of those people who never listens to reason.

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Question 32

The number of children seeking admission to this college has risen sharply this year, even though it may be only temporarily.

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Each of these questions contains a small paragraph. Read the paragraph carefully to complete the sentence given below each.

Question 33

The consumption of harmful drugs by the people can be prevented not only by banning their sale in the market but also by instructing users about their dangerous effects which they must understand for their safety. Also the drug addicts may be provided with proper medical facilities for their rehabilitation. This will help in scaling down the use of drugs. The passage best supports the statement that consumption of harmful drugs.

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Question 34

The school has always been the most important means of transferring the wealth of tradition from one generation to the next. This applies today in an even higher degree than in former times for, through the modern development of economy, the family as bearer of tradition and education has become weakened. This passage best supports the statement that for transferring the wealth of tradition from one generation to the next

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Question 35

One of the important humanitarian byproducts of technology is the greater dignity and value that it imparts to human labour. In a highly industrialised society, there is no essential difference between Brahmin and Dalit, Muslim and Hindu; they are equally useful and hence equally valuable, for in the industrial society, individual productivity fixes the size of the pay cheque and this fixes social status. The passage best supports the statement that

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Question 36

There is a shift in our economy from a manufacturing to a service orientation. The increase in servicesector will require the managers to work more with people rather than with objects and things from the assembly line. This passage best supports the statement that

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In each of these questions, four sentences are given, denoted by (A), (B), (C) and (D). By using all these four sentences, you have to frame a meaningful paragraph. Choose the correct order of the sentences from the four alternatives.

Question 37

(A) You would be very surprised indeed to find it hot.
(B) Cold, of course.
(C) Any yet that was what I found when I visited North Island, the northern part of New Zealand.
(D) When you go bathing in a river or a pond, do you expect the water to be hot or cold?

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Question 38

(A) Because, if the manager's subordinates are inefficient and ineffective and are not helped to increase their efficiency and effectiveness, the task may not be achieved.3
(B) This must be just as true as the responsibility for achieving his prescribed tasks.
(C) If it is achieved, it is at too great a cost, or at the risk of other effects, many of which are less obvious.
(D) It is often said that one of the prime responsibilities of a manager is the training and
development of his staff.

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Question 39

(A) Modern research, however, has proved that there were invaders even before the Aryans poured into this land.
(B) It was thought that they came to a country which was uncivilised and barbarian.
(C) They had evolved a civilisation higher than that of the Aryans hordes who came in their wake.
(D) Till recently the Aryans were regarded as the earliest invaders of the land.

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Question 40

(A) Organisations today are becoming increasingly populated by youthful, highlyskilled, highlyeducated workers.
(B) Two of the most prevalant and provocative organisational dynamics of our time are the themes of participation and change.
(C) These demands for participation are creating pressures for internal organizational change which are matched only by external environmental pressures for organizational change.
(D) These young, skilled and educated workers bring with them demands for a voice in the determination of their own organisational destiny - a chance to participate in those decisions which affect their organisational lives.

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