MAT 2004


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 141

The length of a rectangular plot is increased by 25%. To keep its area unchanged, the width of the plot should be

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Question 142

A man invests Rs. 5000 for 3 years, at 5% p.a. compound interest reckoned yearly. Income tax at the rate of 20%on the interest earned is deducted at the end of each year. Find the amount at the end of the third year.

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Question 143

A sum of Rs 36.90 is made up of 180 coins which are either 10 paise coins or 25 paise coins. Determine the number of each type of coins.

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Question 144

A man has 1044 candles. After burning, he can make a new candle from 9 stubs left behind. Find the maximum number of candles that can be made.

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Question 145

Badri has 9 pairs of dark blue socks and 9 pairs of black socks. He keeps them all in the same bag. If he picks out three socks at random, then whatis the probability that he will get a matching pair ?

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Question 146

A class photograph has to be taken. The front row consists of 6 girls who are sitting. 20 boys are standing behind. The two corner positions are reserved for the 2 tallest boys. In how many ways can the students be arranged?

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Question 147

The LCM of two numbersis 280 and their ratio is 7 : 8. The two numbers are

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Question 148

A certain number of people were supposed to complete a work in 24 days. The work, however, took 32 days, since 9 people were absent throughout. How many people were supposed to be working originally?

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Question 149

In the given diagram, two circles pass through each other's center. If the radius of each circle is 2, then what is the perimeter of the region marked B?

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Question 150

Cloth Makers Inc. has p spindles, each of which can produce q metres of cloth on an average in r minutes. If the spindles are made to run with no interruption, then how many hours will it take for 20,000 meters of cloth to be produced?

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