JEE (Advanced) 2011 Paper-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Oxidation states of the metal in the minerals haematite and magnetite, respectively, are

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Question 2

Among the following complexes $$(K-P), K_3[Fe(CN)_6](K), [Co(NH_3)_6]Cl_3 (L), Na_3[Co(oxalate)_3] (M), [Ni(H_2O)_6]Cl_2 (N), K_2[Pt(CN)_4] (O)$$ and $$[Zn(H_2O)_6](NO_3)_2 (P)$$ the diamegnetic complexes are

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Question 3

Passing $$H_2S$$ gasinto a mixture of $$Mn^{2+}, Ni^{2+}, Cu^{2+}$$ and $$Hg^{2+}$$ ions in an acidified aqueous solution precipitates

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Question 4

Consider the following cell reaction:
$$2Fe_{(s)} + O_{2(g)} + 4H^+_{(aq)} \rightarrow 2Fe^{2+}_{(aq)} + 2H_2O(l) E^\circ = 1.67 V$$ At $$[Fe^{2+}] = 10^{-3} M, P(O_2) = 0.1$$ atm and pH = 3, the cell potential at $$25^\circ C$$ is

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Question 5

The freezing point (in $$^\circ C$$) of a solution containing 0.1 g of $$K_3[Fe(CN)_6](Mol. Wt. 329)$$ in 100 g of water $$(K_f = 1.86 K kg mol^{-1})$$ is

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Question 6

Amongst the compounds given, the one that would form a brilliant colored dye on treatment with $$NaNO_2$$ in dil. HCl followed by addition to an alkaline solution of $$\beta$$-naphthol is

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Question 7

The major product of the following reaction is

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Question 8

The following carbohydrate is

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Question 9

Reduction of the metal centre in aqueous permanganateion involves

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Question 10

The equilibrium
$$2Cu^\mid \rightleftharpoons Cu^O + Cu^\parallel$$
in aqueous medium at $$25 ^\circ C$$ shifts towards the left in the presence of

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