ISRO Scientist or Engineer Electronics Dec 2017


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 61

The electric field of a linearly polarized electromagnetic wave is given by $$E_{i}=\hat{a_{x}}E_{o}(x,y)e^{-jkz}$$ is incident upon a linearly polarized antenna whose electric field polarization is expressed as $$E_{a}=(\hat{a_{x}}+\hat{a_{y}}) E(r,\theta,\phi)$$.Find the polarization loss factor.

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Question 62

A lossless T-junction two way power divider has a source impedance, input transmission line impendence and $$\frac{o}{p}$$ port load impendence of 50 Ω. Find the output characterization impedances so that the input power is divided in a 2:1 ratio.

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Question 63

Following circuit implements a

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Question 64

The frequency of the output Y is

F : clock freq.

M : input

X : 32 bit register

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Question 65

Consider the output A and B with $$I_{0},I_{1},I_{2}$$ and $$I_{3}$$ as input
$$A=\overline{I_{3}} \overline{I_{2}} I_{1}+I_{3}$$
$$B=\overline{I_{3}} I_{1}+I_{3}$$
The above circuit is

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Question 66

The output Z =

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Question 67

Consider the shift register

The frequency of signal x is fs and the shift register is clocked at the positive edge of 2fs. The time offset between A and B is

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Question 68

The circuit is formed as shown below. The output S and C implement

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Question 69

What is the value of the register formed from D flip-flops using $$Q_{0},Q_{1}$$, and $$Q_{2}$$ as output $$(Q_{0},Q_{1},Q_{2})$$ after 14 cycles

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Question 70

The 4:1 Multiplexer implemented as

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