ISRO Scientist or Engineer Electronics Dec 2017


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 51

Consider the system with x(t) as input and y(t) as output. The frequency domain characteristics are shown in the figure. Which combination of A and B will give y as result?

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Question 52

The $$R = \frac{1}{3}$$ convolution encoder defined by transfer functions
$$H_{1}(Z) =1+Z^{-1}$$
$$H_{2}(Z) =1+Z^{-2}$$
$$H_{3}(Z) =1+Z^{-1}+Z^{-2}$$

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Question 53

The match filter response for given signal sampled at t = T is

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Question 54

Characteristic equation of H(s) is given as $$3s^{4}+2s^{3}+5s^{2}+s+2=0$$ is

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Question 55

Consider the feedback system 

$$G(s) = \frac{K(s + 4)}{s(s + 1)}  H(s) = \frac{1}{s + 2}$$

The value of gain for which system is marginally stable is

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Question 56

Consider the Bode plots (magnitude and phase) of two different open loop transfer functions of two unity feedback systems. The open loop transfer functions have poles in right half plane. The closed loop system formed from these open loop systems. Which of the following holds true?

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Question 57

The steady state response for an input X(s) = K/s to a system whose transfer function is H(s) in time domain is

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Question 58

Consider a closed loop stable phase locked loop system as shown in the diagram below

The system is capable of producing zero steady state error E(t) for

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Question 59

The modes in a reflex klystron

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Question 60

A dielectric is subjected to alternating electric field. The dielectric losses are proportional to

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