ISRO Scientist or Engineer Electronics 2012


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 41

The S matrix of a lossless line having length $$\frac{\lambda}{4}$$ is

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Question 42

In the following Smith Chart,

the movement from y along a constant VSWR circle to y1 needs addition of

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Question 43

If the RF transmission is terminated in its Characteristic impedance Z,, which of the following statements is wrong :

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Question 44

The loss-less , quarter wavelength long , RF transmission of characteristic impedance 50 Ω_ is terminatedin pureresistive load impedance 100 Ω the input impedanceis:

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Question 45

A lossless matching circuit is shown in the figure

The values satisfying the matching condition are:

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Question 46

The true statement for wave propagation in rectangular wave guidesfilled with air is:

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Question 47

As the wave frequency approachesto cut-off frequency of wave guide, the correct statementis :

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Question 48

The EM wave which does not propagate through a rectangular waveguide with a = 30 mm & b = 15 mm is

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Question 49

The minimum inputsignal that gives outputsignal to noise ratio of 10 dB in a system that has an input impedance equal to 50 Ω, a noisefigure of 4 dB and bandwidth of 100 KHz is :

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Question 50

In this circuit, $$V_{out}$$ is :

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