ISRO Scientist or Engineer Electronics 2012


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 51

The RF amplifier A is having 3 dB NF & 5 dB ofgain, amplifier B is having 3.5 dB NF & 15 dB. For overall noise figure of the cascaded system, the correct statementis :

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Question 52

For this RF Circuit, the correct statement is :

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Question 53

The gain of a parabolic dish antenna of 1 m diameterand 80% efficiency at 9.5 GHzis :

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Question 54

In a uniform linear array, four isotropic radiating elements are spaced $$\frac{\lambda}{4}$$ apart. The progressive phase shift between the elements required for forming -
the main beam at $$60^\circ $$ of the end fireis:

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Question 55

The radiation resistance of a thin line centre fed A/2 antenna with sinusoid currentdistributionis :

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Question 56

To increase gain of a parabolic reflector antenna by 6dBi, the correct

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Question 57

The waveguide Magic Tee can be used as:

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Question 58

The microwave device working on the principal of Faradayrotation is called as:

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Question 59

The phase difference between adjacent anode poles of Magnetron is generally:

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Question 60

Which of the following devices cannot be used as microwaveoscillator:

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