ISRO Scientist or Engineer Electronics 2012


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 31

For a plane travelling EM wave, the correct equation for characteristic impedance Z for the medium with permittivity of $$\epsilon$$ and permeability of $$ \mu $$ is :

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Question 32

A plane wave propagating in the dielectric medium has an electric field given as $$E_{x} = E_{o} \cos (2.6 \times 10^{10}t -100z)$$. The phase velocity of plane wave is :

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Question 33

A plane wave propagatingin the dielectric medium has an electric field given as $$E_{x} = E_{o} \cos (3 \times 10^{10}t -100z)$$.The dielectric constant of the medium is :

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Question 34

A transmission line of 50 Ω characteristic impedance terminated by a load impedanceof 50-j50. The magnitude of reflection coefficient at the load is :

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Question 35

The outer conductor diameter and the inner conductor diameter dimensions of a coaxial cable are made twice toits original value. (Coaxial line is filled with dielectric material having dielectric constant ¢,= 4.0 ). The correct statementis :

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Question 36

A non dispersive media has:

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Question 37

A plane wave is characterized by $$\overline{E} = (0.5 \hat{x} + \hat{y} e^{\frac{j \pi}{2}}) e^{jwt - jkz}$$ The wave is

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Question 38

if a right hand circularly polarised wave is incident on a perfect conductor. The reflected wave is:

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Question 39

In which of the following cases the divergence of electric field is zero

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Question 40

Skin depth at 2 GHz for a gold conductor with $$\sigma =4.55 \times 10^{7} S/m $$ is 1.5 $$\mu m$$ .Skin depth (in $$\mu m$$) at 8GHZ & 18GHZ is

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