ISRO Scientist or Engineer Electronics 2012


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 21

For identical total transmitted power, the ratio of $$\frac{S}{N}$$ for wide band FM to $$\frac{S}{N}$$ of DSB-AM (with $$m_a = 1$$)is :
( Given fm = 15 KHz & frequency.deviation =$$\pm$$ 75 KHz)

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Question 22

A signal $$m(t) = 3 \cos(6000 \pi t) + 4 \cos(7000 \pi t) + 5 \cos(10000 \pi t)$$ to be sampled. What is the minimum sampling rate for band pass sampling for truth full representation :

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Question 23

Minimum number of bits required to represent maximum value of given analoguesignal with 0.1% accuracyis:

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Question 24

An Ideal powerlimited communication channel with additive white Gaussian noise is having 4 KHz band width and Signal to Noise ratio of 255. The channel capacityis:

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Question 25

An Ideal power limited communication channel with additive white Gaussian noise with 1 MHz band width and Signal to Noise ratio of 15 is transmitting the | information at theoretical maximum rate. If the Signal to Noise ratio is reduced to 7, how much bandwidthis required to maintain samerate:

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Question 26

Following constellation diagram represents:

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Question 27

The information rate to be transmitted is 900 bits /sec, FEC is $$\frac{3}{4}$$ , the symbol rate for QPSK modulation scheme is:

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Question 28

Electric displacement density D at any point on spherical surface of radius R with a charge Q at the centre ina medium with dielectric constant $$\epsilon$$ is:

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Question 29

Which of the following does not represent Maxwell’s Equation:

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Question 30

For a homogeneous and isotropic medium with a charge density $$\rho$$ & dielectric constant $$\epsilon$$, the Poisson’sequation for electrical potential V is :

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