ISRO Scientist or Engineer Computer Science 2016


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 61

The Extent to which the software can continue to operate correctly despite the introduction of invalid inputs is called as

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Question 62

Which one of the following is a functional requirement?

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Question 63

Configuration managementis not concerned with

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Question 64

A company needs to develop a strategy for software product development for which it has a choice of two programming languages L1 and L2. The number of lines of code (LOC) developed using L2 is estimated to be twice the LOC developed with L1. The product will have to be maintained for five years. Various parameters for the company are given in the table below.

Total cost of the project includes cost of development and maintenance. What is the LOC for $$L_{1}$$ for which the cost of the project using $$L_{1}$$ is equal to the cost of the project using $$L_{2}$$?

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Question 65

A company needs to develop digital signal processing software for one of its newest inventions. The software is expected to have 20000 lines of code. The company needs to
determine the effort in person-months needed to develop this software using the basic COCOMO model. The multiplicative factor for this model is given as 2.2 for the software development on embedded systems, while the exponentiation factor is given as 1.5. What is the estimated effort in person-months?

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Question 66

In the spiral model of software development, the primary determinantin selecting activities in each iteration is

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Question 67

Bit stuffing refers to

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Question 68

Dynamic routing protocol enable routers to:

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Question 69

In Ethernet $$\frac{CSMA}{CD}$$, the special bit sequenee is transmitted by media access managementto handle collision is called

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Question 70

Which network protocol Allows hosts to dynamically get a unique IP number on each bootup?

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