ISRO Scientist or Engineer Computer Science 2016


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 71

In a token ring network, the transmission speed is $$10^{7}$$ bps and the propagation speed is 200 $$\frac{m}{\mu s}$$. Then 1 bit delay in this network is equivalent to

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Question 72

The address of a class B hostis to be split into subnets with a 6-bit subnet number. What is the maximum numberof subnets and the maximum numberofhosts in each subnet?

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Question 73

The message 11001001is to be transmitted using the CRC polynomial $$x^{3}$$ +1 to protect it from errors. The message that should be transmitted is

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Question 74

What is the maximum size of data that application layer can pass on to the TCP layer below?

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Question 75

Framesof 1000 bits are sent over a $$10^{6}$$}bps duplex link between two hosts. The propagation time is 25 ms. Frames are to be transmitted into this link to maximally pack them in transit (within the link).What is the minimum numberofbits (i) that will be required to represent the sequence numbers distinctly? Assume that no time gap needs to be given between transmission of two frames.

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Question 76

Which of the following is TRUE only for XML, but not for HTML?

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Question 77

Consider a system with 2 level caches. Access times of Level 1 cache, Level 2 cache and main memory are 1 ns, 10 ns, and 500 ns, respectively. The hit rates of Level 1 and Level 2 caches are 0.8 and 0.9, respectively. What is the average access time of the system ignoring the search time within the cache?

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Question 78

If a class C is derived from class B, which is derived from class A, all through public inheritance, then a class C memberfunction can access

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Question 79

Which oneof the following is correct about the statements given below?
I, All function calls are resolved at compile-time in C language.
II. All function calls are resolved at compile-time in C++.

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Question 80

When a DNS server accepts and uses incorrect information from a host that has no authority giving that information, then it is called

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