ISRO Scientist or Engineer Civil 2014


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 41

When Mach number is less than unity, the flow is called

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Question 42

Coplanner concurrent force are those forces which

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Question 43

The best hydraulic cross section for a open channelis the one

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Question 44

There is a free overall fall at the end of a long channel. For a given flow rate, the critical depth is less than normal depth What gradually varied flow profile will occur in the channel for the flow rate?

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Question 45

For an isotropic material, the relationship between Young’s Modulus(E), Shear Modulus(G), and Poission’s ratio $$(\mu)$$ is given by

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Question 46

A standard measure of ductility of a material is

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Question 47

A rod of length L= 500 mm and cross sectional area A = 60 $$mm^{2}$$ is made of an elasto plastic material having a modular of elasticity E = 200 Gpa nits elastic range and yield point $$\sigma y$$=300 Mpa. The rod is subjected to an axial load until it is stretched 7 mm and the load is then removed. What is the resulting permanent set?

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Question 48

The changein the volumeper Unit volume occurs when normalstresses are applied on an element of isotropic materialis called as

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Question 49

Determinethe change in volumeofa steel block of size $$80mm \times 40mm \times 60mm$$ when it is subjected to the hydrostatic pressure P = 180 Mpa. Use E = 200 Gpa and v = 0.29

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Question 50

Whisper concrete is used

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