ISRO Scientist or Engineer Civil 2014


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

The modulus of Rupture of concrete in terms ofits characteristic cube compressive strength $$f_{ck}$$ in Mpa according to 1S456 — 2000 is

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Question 12

For limit state of collapses, the partial safety factor recommended by IS456 — 2000 for estimating the design strength of concrete and reinforcement steel are respectively

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Question 13

Creep Strain is

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Question 14

Six columnsofbuilding are to be located within the plot size of 15x10m. The expected load on each column is 600 KN. Allowable bearing capacity of soil is 120 $$\frac{KN}{m^{2}}$$
The type of foundation to be used is

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Question 15

A clay soil sample is tested in tri-axial apparatus in consolidated drained conditions at a cell pressure of $$\frac{100 KN}{m^{2}}$$ What will be the pore water pressure at a deviator stress of $$\frac{40 KN}{m^{2}}$$

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Question 16

The number of blows observed in a standard penetration test (SPT) for different depth are given below:

The observed ‘N’ value is

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Question 17

A sampling tube has an inner diameter of 80 mm and outer diameter of 88 mm. The area ratio is

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Question 18

A compacted sample of soil with bulk density of $$2.0  g/cm^{3}$$ has a water content of 15%. What is its dry density? Assume G = 2.65

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Question 19

A wet sample of sand weighing 415g is taken for water content determination by a pyconometer. The mass of pyconometer, sand and water is 1667g and mass of pyconometer full of water alone is 1440g.Assume G = 2.67. Determine water content.

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Question 20

Match the Dimensionless number in Group ‘A’ to their definitions in Group ‘B’.

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