ISRO Scientist or Engineer Civil 2014


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 31

The compound formed due to interaction of oxides present in the raw material of cement in the kiln at a high temperature are called

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Question 32

Transition Zone represents

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Question 33

The amount of water required for the complete chemicalreaction of cementis

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Question 34

High percentage of tricalcium silicate in cement results in

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Question 35

Aggregate impactvalue indicates the following property of aggregate

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Question 36

A bar of copperandbar ofsteel form a composite system, which is heated to a temp of $$40^\circ$$.The stress in steel bar is

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Question 37

Asingle bay single storey portal frame has hingedleft support and fixed right support.It is loaded with uniformly distributed load on the beam. Which one of the following
statement is true with regard to the deformation of the frame

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Question 38

The permissible value of span/depth ratio will be the highest in the case of

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Question 39

In the limit state design of a flexural bending, the maximum strain in the concrete at the outermost compression fibreis

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Question 40

Under axial loading, a material will fail in shear, if the ratio of shear strength to tensile strength is less than

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