IIFT 2016 Question Paper


T-Nation, a T-shirt manufacturing company has unleashed 5-5-5 strategy, five brands (Ultimate Supreme, Smash, Paramount, Astute), five sizes, (S, M, L, XL, XXL), and five Stores (S1, S2, S3, S4, S5) to capture New Delhi market. Number of T-Shirts in each of the store is given in the stacked bar chart below.

Note: Visibility of a brand in a store is given by number of T-Shirts of the brand in the store by total number of T-Shirts in the store. Visibility across the stores is measured by sum of the scores of visibility of a brand in a store.

Question 31

What is the approximate share of Supreme brand in all stores together?

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Question 32

Approximately, by what percentage are Smash T-shirts greater than Ultimate T-shirts in all the stores together?

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Given below is the data about Domestic Investment (DI) and Foreign Investment (FI) in 9 different sectors over 5 year period.
(In Rs. Crores)

Note: DI = Domestic Investment; FI = Foreign Investment

Question 33

What is the approximate ratio of the total investment in Energy sector to that of Financial services sector?

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Question 34

Absolute different between the Total DI and Total FI is highest for which sector?

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Question 35

In which year the average DI is the highest?

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Question 36

Which sector has received the 2nd lowest investment from DI for the total period?

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Question 37

What is the approximate ratio of total DI to total FI?

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The following 2 bar charts represent revenues and expenses (in thousands) of A Ltd, B Ltd, and C Ltd over a period of five years.

Revenues of A Ltd, B Ltd, C Ltd for the period 2011-2015

Question 38

For which company, the average annual expenses were maximum in the given period?

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Question 39

For which year, the average annual revenue (considering all three companies) was the maximum?

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Question 40

What was the approximate percentage decline in the revenue of C Ltd in 2015 as compared to the revenue in 2012?

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