IIFT 2014 Question Paper


Fill in the blanks with the word or phrase that completes the idiom correctly in the given sentences.

Question 61

You almost frightened the life _______ me.

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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 62

How many meaningful words of four or more letters can be made with the following, with the condition that at least one “E” appears in each word?
E, T, Y, T, E, L, A

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Question 63

How many meaningful words of four or more letters can be made with the following, with the condition that “A” appears in each word?
A, H, N, E, T, E, H

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Read the given information carefully and answer the questions below.

The management of the national daily newspaper Tomorrow Digest decides to enhance its subscriber base through major changes in the style, layout, design and content of the paper. In order to make the content more amenable to the mindset of the growing younger population of the country, the paper decides to appoint a number of young and promising Associate Editors. For facilitating the appointment process, several selection criteria were finalized and provided to the selection panel, which are noted in the following. It was noted that in order to get selected, the candidates are required to fulfil, in addition to I, at least three of the following conditions.

I. The age of the candidates must not be lower than 25 years, but should not cross 30 years.
II. The candidate has secured 60 percent and above at her / his Graduation level.
III. The candidate has obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in journalism with at least 55 percent marks.
IV. The candidate has gained working experience of a minimum period of 2 years in a daily newspaper with responsibility of regular writing assignments.
V. The candidate has been awarded at state-level for her / his articles published in state-level English daily.

If, however, it is observed that some candidates fulfil only two conditions from II-V, but does
not fulfil:

(a) V above, but he /she has already gathered an experience of 5 years in a news agency, the case of the candidate will be referred to the Managing Editor of Tomorrow Digest.
(b) II above, but he /she holds a Post Graduate Diploma in journalism with 80 percent marks, the case of the candidate will be referred to the Chairman of Tomorrow Digest.
(c) III above, but he /she has completed Graduation with 70 percent marks, the case of the candidate will be referred to the Editor of Tomorrow Digest.

All the information about a few candidates applying for the Associate Editor position provided in the following are dated on August 31, 2014. Based on the information furnished, decide in each case, which of the following course of action the selection panel should adopt, from the available options. You are not to assume any information.

Question 64

Sarangsh Malhotra has graduated from Agra University with 66 percent marks and later has completed PG Diploma in Journalism from Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi with 71 percent. After completion of the PG Diploma programme, she joined Galaxy News at Jaipur on Christmas Eve in 2006. She received an award from the hands of the Governor of Rajasthan for her series of investigative articles on January 26, 2008, a day which coincided with her twenty-fifth birthday. During June next year, she joined in a corporate house and is working there since then.

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Question 65

Nalin Saxena graduated in Sociology Honours from Bangalore University with 61 percent marks, after which he joined an NGO for social work. After two years, he took migration and joined Mumbai University for the PG Diploma in Journalism Programme, and he secured 59 percent in the exam. He subsequently joined Ahmadabad Weekly magazine, which is published in English, in July 18, 2011, to write regular features on city life. He was born in June 1986, in the midst of the FIFA World Cup.

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Question 66

Geetika Arora is working as a reporter on issues pertaining to international news events in the Indore-based English news daily The New Dawn since September 20, 2012. She was awarded by the Madhya Pradesh Newspapers Guild in 2013 for her series of articles on global climate change concerns. Geetika had graduated in Political Science from Udaipur University in 2010 with 58 percent marks. After graduation, she immediately joined Allahabad University and earned her Gold Medal in PG Diploma in Journalism by securing 82 percent marks two years later. While studying at Allahabad, she celebrated her twenty- fourth birthday.

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Question 67

Manjeet Tyagi was born on September 5, 1988 and completed his graduation in Economics from Garwal University with 68 percent marks in 2009. He subsequently completed his PG Diploma in Journalism from Punjab University in July 2010, but his marks dropped ny ten percentage points vis-à-vis his graduation results. After completing PG degree, Manjeet immediately joined in a data analytics firm and worked there for one and half years as business analyst, after which he joined the Delhi-based English daily Financial Standard as a trade and industry expert for writing regular columns on these areas.

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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 68

Complete the series:
EPFS, GPHS, IPJS, _________, MPNS

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Read the following passage and solve the questions based on it.

In an. Engineering College, five students from five different cities were elected as Secretaries by the students to perform different student activities. Each student studies in a different branch of engineering. Additionally, the following information is provided:

(i) Abhishek does not stay in the Aravalli hostel where the student from Nagpur stays.
(ii) The student, whose name is not Abhishek and does not study in Metallurgy, stays in Satpura hostel. He is the only student among the five to stay at Satpura hostel
(iii) Hardeep neither belongs to Jodhpur, nor does he study Mechanical Engineering.
(iv) The student-in-charge of Cultural activity stays in the Aravalli hostel where Civil Engineering student does not stay.
(v) Sanjoy and thistudent, who studies Metallurgy, both stay in the same hostel.
(vi) The student who belongs to Allahabad does not stay with the student-in-charge of the Sports activity staying at Aravalli hostel.
(vii) Sanjoy is not the student-in-charge of the Cultural activity.
(viii) Ravi, the student-in-charge of Mess activity, stays at Satpura hostel.
(ix) The student from Patna and the student, who studies Mechanical Engineering, both stay at Aravalli hostel. They are the only two among the five students to stay at this hostel.
(x) The student, who stays at Satpura hostel, studies Computer Science.
(xi) Hemant, who does not belong to Kochi, studies Chemical Engineering. He is not the General Secretary of the Student Body.
(xii) Sanjoy does not belong to Allahabad.
(xiii) The student from Kochi and the student-in-charge of Placement activity, both stay at the Vindhya hostel.

Question 69

Which of the following statement(s) is (are) incorrect?
I. The Chemical Engineering student and the student-in-charge of Cultural activity, both stay in the same hostel.
II. The student in-charge of Placement activity is studying Metallurgy.
III. The student who belongs to Nagpur is the student-in-charge of Sports activity.
IV. Ravi belongs to Jodhpur.

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Question 70

Which of the following statements is correct?
I. Sanjay and Abhishek stay at the same hostel
II. The General Secretary of the Student Body studies Mechanical Engineering.
III. The student who belongs to Patna is studying Metallurgy.
IV. The student who belongs to Kochi is studying Computer Science.

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