IIFT 2014 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 111

The total number of eight - digit landline telephone numbers that can be formed having at least one of their digits repeated is:

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Question 112

The business consulting division of TCS has overseas operations in 3 locations: Singapore, New York and London. The Company has 22 analysts covering Singapore, 28 covering New York and 24 covering London. 6 analysts cover Singapore and New York but not London, 4 analysts cover Singapore and London but not New York, and 8 analysts cover New York and London but not Singapore. If TCS has a total of 42 business analysts covering at least one of the three locations: Singapore, New York and London, then the number of analysts covering New york alone is:

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Question 113

Eight years after completion of your MBA degree, you start a business of your own. You invest INR 30,00,000 in the business that is expected to give you a return of 6%, compounded annually. If the expected number of years by which your investment shall double is 72/r, where r is the percent interest rate, the approximate expected total value of investment (in INR) from your business 48 years later is:

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Question 114

A right circular cylinder has a radius of 6 and a height of 24. A rectangular solid with a square base and a height of 20, is placed in the cylinder such that each of the corners of the solid is tangent to the cylinder wall. If water is then poured into the cylinder such that it reaches the rim, the volume of water is:

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Question 115

The student fest in an Engineering College is to be held in one month’s time and no sponsorship has yet been arranged by the students. Finally the General Secretary (GS) of the student body took the initiative and decided to go alone for sponsorship collection. In fact, he is the only student doing the fund raising job on the first day. However, seeing his enthusiasm, other students also joined him as follows: on the second day, 2 more students join him; on the third day, 3 more students join the group of the previous day; and so on. In this manner, the sponsorship collection is completed in exactly 20 days. If an MBA student is twice as efficient as an Engineering student, the number of days which 11 MBA students would take to do the same activity , is:

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Question 116

A pharmaceutical company manufactures 6000 strips of prescribed diabetic drugs for Rs. 8,00,000 every month. In July 2014, the company supplied 600 strips of free medicines to the doctors at various hospitals. Of the remaining medicines, it was able to sell 4/5th of the strips at 25 percent discount and the balance at the printed price of Rs. 250. Assuming vendor’s discount at the rate of a uniform 30 percent of the total revenue, the approximate percentage profit / loss of the pharmaceutical company in July 2014 is:

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Question 117

A bouncing tennis ball is dropped from a height of 32 metre. The ball rebounds each time to a height equal to half the height of the previous bounce. The approximate distance travelled by the ball when it hits the ground for the eleventh time, is:

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Question 118

In an Engineering College in Pune, 8 males and 7 females have appeared for Student Cultural Committee selection process. 3 males and 4 females are to be selected. The total number of ways in which the committee can be formed, given that Mr. Raj is not to be included in the committee if Ms. Rani is selected, is:

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