IIFT 2014 Question Paper


For the underlined part of the given sentence, choose the option that is grammatically correct, effective and reduces ambiguity and redundancy.

Question 51

Saundarya’s Skin Nourishing cream sold 5 lakh packs last quarter, 20% more than their Face Wash did and nearly five times as much as their Anti-Ageing cream sales.

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Select the option which expresses a relationship similar to the one expressed in the capitalized pair.

Question 52


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Question 53


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The first and last parts of the sentence are marked 1 and 6. The rest of the sentence is split into five parts and marked i, ii, iii, iv and v. These five parts are not given in their proper order. Frim the options given, please choose the most appropriate order to form a coherent, logical and grammatically correct sentence.

Question 54

1. Having started
i. In less time than it takes
ii. More than half of your capital
iii. With just $5.8 million
iv. You squandered
v. In seed financing
6. To soft boil an egg

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Question 55

1. You could behave badly, say you were sorry,
i. Who now had both to suffer the crime
ii. In the same position
iii. And the difficulty of forgiving
iv. You would get extra fun and be reinstated
v. As the one who had done nothing
6. With no goodies in addition at all

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Select the option which is grammatically correct.

Question 56
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Question 57
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Pick out the odd option.

Question 58
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Question 59
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Fill in the blanks with the word or phrase that completes the idiom correctly in the given sentences.

Question 60

The bigger they come, _______ they fall, or so it is said.

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