IIFT 2012 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 21

Ashish is studying late into the night and is hungry. He opens his mother’s snack cupboard without switching on the lights, knowing that his mother has kept 10 packets of chips and biscuits in the cupboard. He pulls out 3 packets from the cupboard, and all of them turn out to be chips. What is the probability that the snack cupboard contains 1 packet of biscuits and 9 packets of chips?

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Question 22

The equation $$7^{x - 1} + 11^{x - 1} = 170$$ has

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Question 23

The annual production in cement industry is subject to business cycles. The production increases for two consecutive years consistently by 18% and decreases by 12% in the third year. Again in the next two years, it increases by 18% each year and decreases by 12% in the third year. Talking 2008 as the base year, what will be the approximate effect on cement production in 2012?

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Question 24

If $$\log{3}, log(3^{x} - 2)$$ and $$log (3^{x}+ 4)$$ are in arithmetic progression, then x is equal to

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Question 25

A student is required to answer 6 out of 10 questions in an examination. The questions are divided into two groups, each containing 5 questions. She is not allowed to attempt more than 4 questions from each group. The number of different ways in which the student can choose the 6 questions is

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Question 26

The answer sheets of 5 engineering students can be checked by any one of 9 professors. What is the probability that all the 5 answer sheets are checked by exactly 2 professors?

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Question 27

Mr. Mishra invested Rs.25,000 in two fixed deposits X and Y offering compound interest @ 6% per annum and 8% per annum respectively. If the total amount of interest accrued in two years through both fixed deposits is Rs.3518, the amount invested in Scheme X is

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Question 28

The probability that in a household LPG will last 60 days or more is 0.8 and that it will last at most 90 days is 0.6. The probability that the LPG will last 60 to 90 days is

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Question 29

In 2011, Plasma - a pharmaceutical company - allocated $$Rs.4.5 \times 10^{7}$$ for Research and Development. In 2012, the company allocated Rs.60,000,000 for Research and Development. If each year the funds are evenly divided among $$2 \times 10^{2}$$ departments, how much more will each department receive this year than it did last year?

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Question 30

In a circular field, there is a rectangular tank of length 130 m and breadth 110 m. If the area of the land portion of the field is 20350 m$$^2$$ then the radius of the field is

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