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SIMSREE - Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education

Aspiring MBA students in India are drawn to the esteemed Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research, and Entrepreneurship Education (SIMSREE). Many people would love to have a seat here, but the procedure might seem intimidating. Do not worry! Your one-stop resource for information on the SIMSREE Mumbai admissions process, eligibility requirements, and scholarship will be this blog.

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SIMSREE Eligibility Criteria 2024

Academic Background

  • You must have a bachelor's degree with a minimum of 50% from a recognized university.
  • The minimum percentage of marks required for students domiciled in Maharashtra and reserved category is 45%.
  • Candidates who appeared for an exam deemed comparable there to would be accepted for the Common Entrance Test.
  • Students in their last year of graduation may also apply for admission.

Entrance Test

The admissions in SIMSREE are conducted based on merit. The competitive entrance exam plays a significant role in the merit-based admission process. Any of the following entrance exam scores are acceptable for admission.

  • MAH CET (Maharashtra Common Entrance Test) conducted by DTE Maharashtra
  • CAT (Common Admission Test)
  • CMAT (Common Management Admission Test)

Any candidate fulfilling the eligibility criteria and clearing the cutoff for any one of the above mentioned entrance exam would be eligible for their Post Graduate course.

SIMSREE Admission 2024

Entrance Exam

If you want to maximize your chances of selection, you need to take any one exam out of CAT, MAH CET, or CMAT. Practice with a lot of mocks. You can check out Cracku's CAT mock Test, CMAT Mock Test, and MAH CET Mock Test to ace your preparation. Aim for a score above the cut-off percentile.

DTE CAP Registration Round

Register for the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) Maharashtra's Centralised Admission Process (CAP) as soon as the results of the entrance test are released. This is where you will apply to SIMSREE and other colleges. For key news and dates, keep an eye on the DTE website at

Document Verification

Document verification will be carried out by the DTE at specified centres (ARCs). Make sure you possess all the required paperwork, including grade reports, scorecards from admission exams, caste certificates, gap or experience certificates (if relevant), etc.


 The Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) of Maharashtra offers admission to a number of MBA programmes around the state, including SIMSREE's MMS programme, on the basis of merit. For seat allocation, the DTE takes into account your category and normalised entrance test score (a formula designed to guarantee scores from various examinations are equal).
There are several CAP rounds, and depending on the number of seats available and the preferences of the candidates, the seat allocation may change after each round.
Upon registration, you will be able to select and rank universities such as SIMSREE.

Merit-based Seat Allotment

Your chances of getting into your dream college, including SIMSREE, are better the higher your normalised score. Prioritise your college selections by researching previous years' cutoffs for SIMSREE and other universities. This will help you make educated judgements. While SIMSREE should be your first choice, you should also consider other universities. If you don't receive SIMSREE in the first CAP round, don't give up. Take part in the next round as there can be a seat available for a variety of reasons.

Getting Your spot

If you're fortunate enough to be given a spot at SIMSREE, you'll get instructions on how to pay the registration money and turn in your documents. Your admit is confirmed once you complete this stage.

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Scholarship for SIMSREE

SIMSREE Mumbai is aware of the financial difficulties experienced by students who want to study management. They provide a range of scholarships that address financial need, merit, and membership in particular student groups in an effort to close this gap. Here is a thorough explanation of a few of the scholarships, along with advice on how to increase your chances of getting one.

Academic Merit Scholarships

    1. D. Tata Memorial Scholarship for Academic Excellence: This esteemed award recognises outstanding achievement in the classroom and has the ability to pay for a sizeable amount of your tuition.
    2. Like the D. Tata grant, the Limid Award for Academic Excellence is extremely competitive and provides significant financial help to individuals with exceptional academic records.
    3. E. Merchant prize: Students who excel in SIMSREE's business law courses may be given special consideration for this prize.

    Scholarships Based on Need

    Maharashtra's government grants Dakshina Fellowship: The purpose of this government-funded scholarship is to help students who are struggling financially. Applications and eligibility requirements are set by the Maharashtra government.

    Specialised Scholarships by Category

      S. Desai Sports Scholarships: Students who have excelled in sports are the recipients of this scholarship.
      Scholarships in the Reserved Subjects: Scholarships from SIMSREE may be available only to students who fall under one of the restricted categories, such as SC, ST, OBC, etc.

      Scholarships instituted by Honors

        1. Pragji Purshottam Bhatia Memorial Scholarship
        2. Beri Memorial Scholarship
        3. BBI & BMS KPMG Scholarship

        Crucial Points to Remember

        Although there are a few examples on this list, it may not be all-inclusive. For the most recent details on scholarships and their application procedures, it's imperative to visit the SIMSREE website ( or get in touch with the admissions office. The contact details are mentioned below for your reference:

        Address: B-Road, Churchgate, Mumbai 400 020, INDIA.
        Phone: 022 6151 0701

        The dates of applications and prerequisites for each scholarship may differ. To increase your chances, stay current and apply well in advance of the deadlines.

        Keep a Gleaming Academic Record: Maintaining a stellar academic record throughout your undergraduate education can help you stand out in the application process for merit-based scholarships.

        Emphasise Your Achievements: If the scholarship is relevant to you, emphasise in your application that you are a member of a reserved group, a standout athlete, or you have a documented financial need.
        Investigate and Make Contact: Discover the most recent scholarship announcements and eligibility information by visiting the previously listed resources (the SIMSREE website, getting in touch with admissions, etc.).

        Through proactive study and a thorough grasp of the numerous scholarships available, you may greatly improve your prospects of obtaining financial aid and achieving your aspirations of a management education at SIMSREE Mumbai.

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        What are the requirements for SIMSREE?

        The eligibility criteria for SIMSREE is 50% in the Bachelor's degree (45% for reserved category) from a recognized university.

        Which exams are accepted by SIMSREE?

        CAT, CMAT and MAH CET are the exams accepted by SIMSREE for their post graduate courses.

        What is the cut-off for SIMSREE?

        The cut-off for SIMSREE is expected to be above 99%

        Does SIMSREE offer any scholarships?

        Yes, SIMSREE offers scholarships based on merit, need-based, category specific, and donor funded.

        What is the rank of SIMSREE in India?

        SIMSREE is ranked 25th in India by IIRF India 2024.

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