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Do you aspire to study at a premier B-school? SIMSREE is one of the top institutes that prepare students for a career in management. Well, you are at the right place! Your entrance exam result is a critical component that determines your admission to this prestigious B-school in India. However, because the CAT, CMAT, and MAH CET are the three approved examinations for getting admission into SIMSREE, figuring out the cutoff point might be confusing.

Your one-stop resource for learning about SIMSREE cutoffs is this blog. We'll examine the previous year's patterns (by category) for every test to assist you to see the score you should aim for. We'll also provide some insider advice to increase your chances of securing a desired seat at SIMSREE. So fasten your seatbelts and get set to decipher the SIMSREE cutoff code!

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SIMSREE CAT Cutoff 2023

The SIMSREE MMS has extraordinarily high CAT cutoffs. Here's a closer look at the trends in percentiles for the General Category over the last two to three years:

In all three CAT parts (Vocabulary, Quantitative Ability, and Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning), strive for a score that is continuously above the 99th percentile.

For example, anything above the 99.95th percentile would be a safe objective for SIMSREE MMS through CAT if the overall CAT topper scored that high. The reson why their cutoffs for CAT so high because CAT score is considered under ALL INDIA SEATS (for admission to any college which accepts admissions under CAP) . For ALL INDIA SEATS the cut off is over 99.9x as it allocates on 15% of the total seats.

Recall that cutoff patterns might vary somewhat from year to year. However, your chances are greatly increased if you routinely score higher than the 99th percentile in each component.

YearGeneral (%ile)OBC (%ile)SC/ST (%ile)
2024 (expected)>99.9598.50-99.5088-93

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SIMSREE CMAT Cutoff 2024

The CMAT is another entrance exam for SIMSREE's highly sought-after MMS programme, much as the CAT. Here, we'll examine CMAT cutoff patterns from previous years to assist you in planning how to prepare for this admission exam.

Remember that these are only approximate ranges derived from historical patterns. The actual cutoffs may differ significantly based on the candidate pool and exam difficulty.

Trends in the Previous Year's SIMSREE MMS CMAT Cutoffs by Category:

YearGeneral (%ile)OBC (%ile)SC/ST (%ile)
2024 (expected)>99.9698.50-99.5090-95

SIMSREE CET Cutoff 2024

There is another route to the prestigious SIMSREE MMS programme: the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MAH CET). Here, we'll examine MAH CET cutoff patterns from previous years for this programme to help you develop a plan of action.

MAH CET employs normalised scores as opposed to percentiles, as do CAT and CMAT. It is simpler to compare performance across test versions thanks to the conversion of raw marks onto a standard scale that yields these scores.

General Category

YearGeneral Category (Normalized Score)Percentile (Estimate)

OBC Category

YearOBC Category (Normalized Score)Percentile (Estimate)

SC/ST Category

YearSC/ST Category (Normalized Score)Percentile (Estimate)


Aspiring financial professionals also highly value SIMSREE's Master of Financial Management (MFM) programme. We'll examine previous year's cutoff patterns for SIMSREE MFM to better prepare you strategically.

MFM vs MMS Cutoffs:

It is noteworthy that while both programmes at SIMSREE accept CAT scores, the cutoffs for the MFM programme may be slightly different from those for the MMS programme. MFM shows frequently target a more niche audience, which might result in different cutoffs.

SIMSREE CAT Cutoff 2024

YearGeneral (%ile)OBC (%ile)SC/ST (%ile)
2024 (expected)>99.8598.30-99.3088-93

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SIMSREE CMAT Cutoff 2024

It's crucial to keep in mind that, similar to the CAT test, the MFM program's concentration on finance may cause the CMAT cutoffs to be slightly different from the MMS programme. Compared to MMS, which has a more general management focus, the MFM programme may draw applicants who are more focused on finance.

YearGeneral (%ile)OBC (%ile)SC/ST (%ile)
2024 (expected)>99.9098.30-99.3090-95

SIMSREE CET Cutoff 2024

General Category

YearGeneral Category (Normalized Score)Percentile (Estimate)

OBC Category

YearOBC Category (Normalized Score)Percentile (Estimate)

SC/ST Category

YearSC/ST Category (Normalized Score)Percentile (Estimate)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CMAT score for SIMSREE?

The cut-off for SIMSREE Mumbai for CMAT is 99.94%.

Does Sydenham accept CET score?

Yes, Sydenham accepts MAH CET scores along with CAT and CMAT scores.

Does Sydhenam (SIMSREE) accept NMAT score?

No, Sydhenam (SIMSREE) does not accept NPAT scores.

Why CAT cutoffs for SIMSREE is so high?

CAT score is considered under ALL INDIA SEATS (for admission to any college which accepts admissions under CAP) . For ALL INDIA SEATS the cut off is over 99.9x as it allocates on 15% of the total seats.

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