The VARC section is a big part of the CAT exam, and doing well here is crucial for a high overall score. CAT 2024 VARC section will assess your English grammar and sentence formation skills, primarily focusing on reading comprehension, and covers various topics related to English language proficiency.

How To Master CAT 2024 VARC ?

Mastering CAT VARC takes time and requires a long-term approach with proper planning, guidance, and a clear timeline. Starting early is essential, and developing a habit of reading is crucial. The VARC section of CAT includes topics that are comprehension-based. Therefore, it's important to practice reading extensively from an early stage.

CAT 2024 VARC : Exam Pattern

Understanding the exam pattern for the CAT 2024 VARC section can help candidates prepare effectively. Based on past trends, the following exam pattern is anticipated for CAT 2024 VARC:

Total Questions24
Total Sectional Time40 Minutes
MCQ-Type Questions21
TITA Questions3
Number of RCs4 Passages
Verbal Ability Questions8
Marking Scheme+3 for a Right Answer
-1 for a Wrong Answer
No Negative Marking for TITA

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CAT 2024 VARC : Syllabus

The CAT exam's Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) section is vital for evaluating candidates' language skills and understanding of written content. Understanding the VARC syllabus is crucial for candidates to excel in this section and perform well in the CAT exam.

What To Expect In CAT 2024 VARC ?

The VARC syllabus for the CAT exam covers a diverse range of areas essential for evaluating candidates' language proficiency and comprehension skills. Refer to the following picture to understand the areas covered in CAT VARC section.


Central to the section is reading comprehension, where candidates must demonstrate their ability to comprehend passages on various subjects and extract key information. Additionally, candidates need a strong understanding of grammar rules to ensure clear and effective communication. A rich vocabulary is also essential for understanding complex texts and expressing ideas accurately. Furthermore, verbal reasoning skills play a vital role in analyzing arguments and drawing conclusions from passages.

Mastery of these areas is crucial for candidates aiming to perform well in the VARC section of the CAT exam, highlighting the importance of thorough preparation across all aspects of the syllabus. Furthermore, candidates can refer to the following table to get the gist of the Topics for VARC Syllabus.

VARC TopicsNumber of QuestionsDifficulty Level
Reading Comprehension16Moderate to Difficult
VA-Para jumbles3Moderate to Difficult
VA-Odd Sentence2Easy to Moderate
VA-Summary3Easy to Moderate
Total24Moderate to Difficult level

*Content in above table is based on CAT 2023, it can be different in CAT 2024.

CAT 2024 VARC: Topic-wise Preparation Strategy

Preparing for the VARC section of the CAT exam requires focused and strategic preparation across these topics. Here's a breakdown of how to prepare for specific VARC topics:

Reading Comprehension

  • Read Regularly:

    Engage in regular reading of diverse materials for at least 45 minutes such as newspapers, magazines, journals, and online articles to improve your reading speed and comprehension skills.

  • Do Active Reading:

    Practice summarizing passages and write key points, arguments, and inferences made by the author in 1-2 lines for every paragraph. This will help you not to loose flow of the RC and help you stay focused and concentrated while reading an RC.

  • Solve RC Questions:

    Practice solving a variety of RC questions from previous CAT papers and other sources to familiarize yourself with different question types and improve your accuracy.

  • Time Management:

    Manage your time effectively during practice sessions to ensure that you can read and comprehend passages within the allocated time during the exam. Ideally, it is recommended to finish an RC in 10 minutes.


  • Understand Logical Flow:

    Focus on understanding the logical flow of sentences and how they connect to form a coherent paragraph.

  • Identify the Topic Sentence:

    Look for clues that indicate the topic sentence, which often introduces the main idea or theme of the paragraph.

  • Pay Attention to Transitional Words:

    Transitional words and phrases can provide clues about the sequence of events or ideas presented in the paragraph.

  • Practice Rearranging Sentences:

    Practice rearranging jumbled sentences to form meaningful paragraphs. Start with simpler exercises and gradually progress to more complex ones.

  • Develop Logical Reasoning Skills:

    Improve your logical reasoning skills to identify the most appropriate sequence of sentences that logically follow each other.

Odd Sentence Out

  • Identify the Outlier:

    Focus on identifying the sentence that does not fit logically with the rest of the paragraph.

  • Pay Attention to Context:

    Consider the context of the paragraph and how each sentence contributes to the overall meaning and coherence.

  • Look for Contradictions:

    Identify any contradictions or inconsistencies between the odd sentence and the surrounding sentences.

  • Practice Logical Deduction:

    Develop your ability to logically deduce which sentence disrupts the flow or theme of the paragraph.

  • Solve Practice Questions:

    Practice solving odd sentence questions from various sources to familiarize yourself with different question types and improve your skills.


  • Understand the Main Idea:

    Focus on understanding the main idea or theme of the passage.

  • Identify Key Points:

    Identify the key points, arguments, and supporting details presented in the passage.

  • Summarize Concisely:

    Practice summarizing passages in your own words while maintaining the essence of the original content.

  • Eliminate Redundancy:

    Avoid including redundant information in your summary and focus on conveying the most important points.

  • Practice Writing Summaries:

    Regularly practice writing summaries of passages from various sources to improve your summarization skills and conciseness.

CAT 2024 VARC: Best Resources

Following is a list of top curated online & offline sources which candidates can utilize to prepare for CAT 2024 VARC section:

Read Articles Online:

Start reading from diverse topics for at least 45 min per day from various sites to improve your reading as well ass your comprehending skills. Some of the notable sources of good articles are: Aeon, The Hindu, The Guardian, and Financial express.

Practice RCs:

The best way to excel in RCs is by practising RCs from CAT Previous Papers. Download the PDFs or give them as a mock. It will give you the basic understanding of the level of difficulty of real CAT exam. One can also give CAT Daily Targets to remain in touch with various CAT VARC topics on regular basis.

CAT 2024: VARC Prep Tips

Understanding the difference of approaches required for VARC vs Other Sections:

Preparing for the Verbal section of the CAT exam is different from preparing for other sections. While Quant and LRDI topics are structured and can be mastered through theory and practice, Verbal Ability is more challenging. Unlike them, which have clear topics to study and practice, Verbal doesn't neatly fit into categories. Speed reading, often thought to be helpful, can lead to traps in Reading Comprehension passages. Moreover, questions like Sentence Rearrangement and Critical Reasoning don't have fixed templates to master. While practice is essential, the payoff for Verbal questions is less significant compared to other sections. Therefore, preparing for Verbal requires a different approach.

Reading is the DEAL:

In the CAT Verbal Section, one-third of the questions are on Reading Comprehension totaling to 16 questions. So what does it entails? Simply put, it's about understanding the ideas presented in the passage. It's all about whether you grasp all the passage ideas or not. Reading such difficult passages in VARC requires stamina and no room for errors. With a good reading habit, you'll tackle passages effortlessly and even enjoy the process. Instead of feeling drained by Reading Comprehension, you'll emerge with energy to ace the Verbal Section.

Options Evaluation:

It is crucial to evaluate the answer options meticulously. Take the time to analyze each option thoroughly before making a selection. Consider the context of the question and how well each option aligns with the information provided. Look for subtle nuances and differences among the options to determine which one best reflects the intended meaning or solution. By critically assessing the answer choices, you can increase your chances of selecting the most accurate and appropriate response.

Taking Sectional & Mock Tests:

Candidates must utilize sectional tests and mock exams as they enables valuable practice and simulate the exam conditions. Analyzing performance in these CAT Mock Tests is crucial for identifying weaknesses and building confidence for the actual exam.

In conclusion, preparing for the Verbal Ability section of the CAT exam requires a unique approach compared to other sections. While there are no shortcuts or fixed templates for mastering verbal skills, consistent reading habits, critical thinking, and systematic practice are key. Emphasizing comprehension, logical analysis, and effective time management can significantly improve performance in this section. By focusing on understanding rather than rote memorization, candidates can develop the necessary skills to excel in the Verbal Ability segment of the CAT exam.

Cracku wishes the Best of Luck to all the CAT 2024 Aspirants!

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