AP ICET 26th April 2019 Shift-1


In the following questions, each question is followed by data in the form of two statements labeled as I and II. You must decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient to answer the questions. Using the data make an appropriate choice from (a) to (d) as per the following guidelines:

Question 11

What is the LCM of the positive integers m, n?
I. GCD of m, n is 9.
II. m + n = 108

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Question 12

Is the positive integer n, a prime?
I. n is an odd integer greater than 3
II. m is an even integer greater than 2

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Question 13

If p, q and rare real numbers: are the roots of the quadratic equation $$px^2 + qx + r = 0$$ real?
I. r - 25p = 0
II. q + 9p = 0

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Question 14

In how many points do the twocircles intersect?
I. The radii of the circles are 12 em and 5 cm.
II. The distance between their centres is 25 cm.

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Question 15

In how many days P alone can complete the work:
I. Pand Q together can complete that work in 12 days.
II. Qalone can complete the work in 36 days.

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Question 16

How many girls are taller than Sarath inhis class?
I. When students in Sarath’s class are ranked in the descending orderof heights. Sarath is $$17^{th}$$ from the top amongall the students and $$12^{th}$$ among boys.
II. Sarath’s rank from the bottom on the basis of height among boys is $$18^{th}$$ and among all the students is $$29^{th}$$.

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Question 17

If p and q are positive integers. is p multiple of g ?
I. Every prime factor of q is also a prime factor of p.
II. Every factor of q is also a factor of p.

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Question 18

Paul walks at a constant rate for 80 minutes every day in the same track. How long is the track?
I. Paul began walking at 5.00 a.m yesterday.
II. Paul walked 5km by 5.40 a.m. and 8 km by 6.04 a.m. yesterday.

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Question 19

p and q are 2 digit numbers that share the samedigits, but in reverse order. Then what is the sum of p and q?
I. p - q = 45
II. The difference between the two digits in each number is 5

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Question 20

A zebra must get water from either a river or a pond. Which of the two sources of water is closer to the zebra’s current position?
I. Morning at a constant rate, it takes the zebra 2 hours to reach the river fromits current position.
II. Morning at a constant rate, it takes the zebra 2 hours to reach the pond from the river.

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