AP ICET 26th April 2019 Shift-1


Fill in the blank with the appropriate phrase/verb/preposition:

Question 181

He had no hopeleft. as all his plans were .............

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Question 182

The expression. “to go at it hammer and tongs” means, ...............

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Question 183

The answer given by the film star to the question by the press reporters is wide off the mark. The underlined phrase means

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Question 184

The patriot ............... his life for his country.

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Question 185

Never ............. such an amusing show.

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Read the following passage and answer questions

The comradeship of the young both sustains them in their own image of themselves and gives them the emotional sustenance they need for the independence of their lives. They live apart from us. they hold themselves back, and from the untouchable center of their personal lives they look distantly at our existence and our knowledge as items possessed by beings on a different planet. They are not what they seem to the professor who merely looks at the faces before him. He cannot be certain even of their attention, since they have learned howto occupy a classroom and look attentive while they take their minds elsewhere. He cannot be sure of their respect. since they have learned how to be quiet and howto act respectfully. The silence of the present generation has been many ways deceptive, and it is false to assume that the silence has meant either consent or lack of creative and critical thought.

The students must be asked to determine for themselves which books are great, which ideas are viable, which values are compelling. To do otherwise is to use the familiar brand name approachas a formofintellectual propaganda. It is to take the young through an educational tour of the museumsofliterature. to inspire a dutiful pious attitude to authors other than anattitude of expectancy and involvement.

Question 186

Friendship among youngsters confers upon them

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Question 187

Students in a classroom

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Question 188

The silence of the students is a mark of

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Question 189

Students must

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Question 190

Which word means ‘feasible’?

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