AP ICET 10th September 2020 Shift-2


Choose the correct answer:

Question 171

'Raghu, are you quitting the job for good?'
The speaker asks Raghu __________

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Question 172

A: Why don't you do it?
B: It's not my cup of tea.
In this conversation, B says that _____________.

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Question 173

A: The agitators have been shouting that the government has not done the right thing. Do you agree?
B: I am afraid that their argument will not hold water.
B implies that

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Question 174

A: The court reduced the term of his punishment.
B: This was so because the criminal made a clean breast of his doings.
B means that the criminal

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Question 175

During recession many companies are forced to lay ____________ their employees.

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Question 176

He has made quite a fortune.
The above statement implies that

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Question 177

Randy has ____________ terrible headache

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Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrase/verb/preposition:

Question 178

We haven't gone on a holiday ____________ our last anniversary.

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Question 179

If he __________ to the U.S., he could see The White House

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Question 180

He started watching the TV, after he ________

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