Analyse the following passage and provide an appropriate answer for the questions that follow.

Fashion is different from custom, or rather is a particular species of it. That is not the fashion which everybody wears, but which those wear who are of a high rank, or character. The graceful, the easy, and the commanding manners of the great, joined to the usual richness and magnificence of their dress, give a grace to the very form which they happen to bestow upon it. As long as they continue to use this form, it is connected in our imaginations with the idea of something that is genteel and magnificent, and though in itself it should be indifferent, it seems, on account of this relation, to have something about it that is genteel and magnificent too. As soon as they drop it, it loses all the grace, which it had appeared to possess before, and being now used only by the inferior ranks of people, seems to have something of their meanness and awkwardness.

Question 7

Which phrase would be the best title of the passage?


The author in the paragraph states that fashion and culture are different and fashion is defined by those who are of high rank or character. Later in the paragraph, the author also mentions the fashion loses all grace when people of high rank or character drop it. So, the author wants to imply that fashion depends on those who wear it.
Thus, option D is the most appropriate title for the given paragraph.

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