Analyse the following passage and provide an appropriate answer the questions that follow.

Silver is especially and repetitively savage about what he sees as the extravagant claims made for particle physics, arguing that once the proton, neutron, and electron were found and their properties experimentally confirmed, the very expensive searches for ever more exotic particles, such as the Higgs Boson, were increasingly harder to justify other than by their importance to particle physicists.
Most of the particles resemble ecstatic happiness: They are very short - lived and have nothing to do with everyday life. His repeated assault goes to the level of sarcasm: "Finding the Higgs Boson will be a magnificent technical and theoretical triumph. Like a great Bobby Fisher game". Of course, this is a tad unfair, even if some of the claims of its practitioners invite such assaults on their field.

Question 6

Identify the statement(s) that is(are) logically consistent with the content of the paragraph:
I. Silver is an ardent critic of Higgs Boson theory.
II. Everyday life has nothing to do with experimental confirmation of the properties of proton, neutron and electron.
III. Identifying more information about Higgs Boson is a significant contribution to particle physics.
IV. Research on exotic particles in particle physics is an expensive proposition.


Statement I is true as evident from the sarcastic comment mentioned about Higgs Boson theory by Silver.
Statement II is false as it is mentioned about the other exotic particles, and not, electron, proton and neutron.
Statement III cannot be inferred as no comment in this respect has been made in the paragraph.
Statement IV is true as mentioned in the paragraph.
Hence, option E is the correct answer.

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