Question 64

Let both the series $$a_{1},a_{2},a_{3}$$... and $$b_{1},b_{2},b_{3}$$... be in arithmetic progression such that the common differences of both the series are prime numbers. If $$a_{5}=b_{9},a_{19}=b_{19}$$ and $$b_{2}=0$$, then $$a_{11}$$ equals


Let the first term of both series be $$a_1$$, and $$b_1$$, respectively, and the common difference be $$d_1$$, and $$d_2$$, respectively.

It is given that $$a_5=b_9$$, which implies $$a_1+4d_1\ =b_1+8d_2$$

=> $$a_1-b_1\ =8d_2-4d_1$$  ..... Eq(1)

Similarly, it is known that a_{19}=b_{19}, which implies $$a_1+18d_1=b_1+18d_2$$

=> $$a_1-b_1=18d_2-18d_1$$  ...... Eq(2)

Equating (1) and (2), we get:

=> $$18d_2-18d_1=8d_2-4d_1$$

=> $$10d_2=14d_1$$

=> $$5d_2=7d_1$$

Since, $$d_1,\ d_2$$ are the prime numbers, which implies $$d_1=5,\ d_2=7$$.

It is also known that $$b_{2}=0$$, which implies $$b_1+d_2=0\ =>\ b_1=-d_2\ =\ -7$$

Putting the value of $$b_1,d_1,\ \text{and, }d_2$$ in Eq(1), we get:

$$a_1=8d_2-4d_1+b_1=56-20-7\ =\ 29$$

Hence, $$a_{11}=a_1+10d_1\ =\ 29+10\cdot5\ =\ 29+50\ =\ 79$$

The correct option is B

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